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5 expensive habits to quit during Stoptober

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3 October 2017 | Lifestyle

Throughout October many smokers will be attempting to quit for Stoptober, but there are plenty of other habits that can still cost us a small fortune.

Here are 5 things you could quit to boost your bank balance.



Campaigns aimed at encouraging people to quit smoking generally focus on the health benefits.

But stubbing out the cigarettes can also provide a major boost to your bank balance – most people who quit save around £250 a month.

Follow these top tips for kicking the habit and stop your hard-earned cash going up in smoke.



It’s all too easy for that swift pint to quickly turn into 4 or 5 – but by drinking too much, you’re not only doing damage to your liver, but harming your finances as well.

You could save yourself a small fortune by cutting down your alcohol intake, whether that’s drinking more soft drinks on a night out, or opting for a smaller glass of wine with your meal at home.

Check out these tips for reducing your bar bill.


Driving everywhere

Our over-reliance on the car is one of the curses of modern life. So next time you’re heading to work or popping to the shops, why not leave the car on the drive and walk instead?

Not only will you save petrol and avoid paying to park, you might just feel better for it.

Follow this advice on making walking a key part of your daily routine.


Impulsive takeaways

It’s late, you’re tired, and after a long day at work the last thing you want to do is spend your evening slaving away in the kitchen.

So you rifle through the drawer full of takeaway menus and order a chicken balti, egg fried rice or any other dish which takes your fancy – while the considerably cheaper food in your fridge edges closer to its use by date.

Check out these low-cost recipes to help keep your food spending in check.


Retail therapy

Shopping has become our national pastime. When we’re in need of a lift, our instinctive reaction is to reach for the credit card and splash out on the latest must-have accessory.

But do our impulse purchases really make us happy? Next time you’re tempted to part with your hard-earned cash, pause and ask yourself: Do I really need this?

Follow these top tips for curbing your impulsive purchases. 


Which habits are you planning to quit for Stoptober? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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