5 Framing ideas for decorating your walls

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7 June 2018 | Interiors

Bringing your walls to life with stylish pictures is a balancing act of spacing, colour, proportion and decoration.

Here we list 5 framing ideas that can help you create a striking room anywhere in the house. 


Get personal 

Chose a feature wall and adorn it with things that reflect your personality. Start by placing the focus of your design in the centre and work outwards.

Opt for a wide collection of items that mean something special to you.


Play with colours

Incorporating bright, bold photos is an easy and eye-catching way to bring your walls to life.

Take your favourite nature, sunset or location snaps and frame them to create a personal feature wall.


Start collecting 

If you like collecting quirky items, then why not use your available wall space to show off your unique collection, like in these DIY gallery ideas on Pinterest.

This will help you make your room feel completely unique and express your character. 


Self portraits

Be your own inspiration and create your own art wall by printing out some of your favourite photos of family and friends.

Decorate them with fairy lights or use heart-shaped wooden frames to add a sense of warmth to the room.



The power of words

Using power quotes is a great way of injecting personality into your room.

And the more visually striking your quote, the more effective it will be.

Choosing the perfect frame is key to enhancing the appearance of your graphic, so try this sophisticated stained-oak veneer frame from Habitat.   


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