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5 mobile apps to save you time and money while on holiday

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13 June 2018 | Location

Flights and accommodation can burn big holes in your travel fund, so while you’re on holiday there’s no need to break the bank on attractions and travel.

These 5 mobile apps will help you save money while you’re enjoying your summer break.



Not only does this handy app let users compare prices for flights, trains, buses, ferries, and every other mode of transport imaginable, it also calculates the fastest routes - saving you both time and money.  

Working in partnership with companies such as Virgin Trains, Sky Scanner and, Rome2Rio is available in more than 160 countries.

Established in 2010, Rome2Rio now boasts over 500,000 unique daily users and has become one of the most widely used travel resources.



If you’re running out of things to do on holiday, Viator is packed full of suggestions and activities, as well as a range of exclusive discounts.

There are listings from more than 1,500 destinations, and as Viator is owned by TripAdvisor, there are hundreds of reviews to help you make your choice.

Viator works with local tour operators to negotiate exclusive deals and is constantly updated to give users the best online price. Worth it if you’re looking for a bargain!


Wi-fi Finder

Sick of having to purchase more mobile data while you’re on holiday? The aptly named Wi-Fi Finder app tracks down the nearest Wi-fi hotspot in your location.

The app lets users share or add new hotspots and can provide passwords and credentials for public places if the network is secure.


XE Currency

Access live exchange rates and calculate the best price you can get for your money - all from the palm of your hand.

This money conversion app is a life-saver if you’re looking for the best prices on the go.

And the app allows you to set up alerts, so you can monitor any changes to your desired currencies.


Trainline Europe

An extension of the UK app, Trainline Europe automatically compares the best prices for rail journeys across the Continent.

The app has also been extended to cover bus journeys, so whether you're travelling by road or rail, this app has you covered.


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