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5 new low-cost hobbies to try in 2018

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18 December 2017 | Money Matters

It's the time of year when everybody begins to think ahead to their hopes and plans for the new year.

Why not learn something new in 2018 by taking up one of these 5 inexpensive new hobbies?



Get all starry-eyed by trying out astronomy. A good pair of binoculars or a telescope are advised, but are not essential as long as you know what you're looking for.

Learn a language

A key life skill which can also help to boost your CV, learning a language has become easier with the introduction of smartphone apps to get you on your way.


From Japanese origins, the art of folding paper is low-cost, creative and therapeutic in equal measures.

A hobby you can start at any time, origami also benefits from being something you can do almost anywhere.


There's no escaping the fact that everybody has to spend money to eat - so why not make the most out of cooking by learning how to create new, exciting dishes and become a culinary enthusiast?



Arguably the most expensive hobby in our list, a keen photographer will ultimately need to spend money a high-quality camera if they so wish.

However, most people now carry a pocket camera around with them at all times in the form of their smartphone - and with so many photography apps now available to download, great pictures can be snapped almost anywhere, at any time.


Which hobbies will you be taking up in the New Year? Let us know on Facebook.

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