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5 tips to cut down the cost of the gym

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2 April 2018 | Money Matters

When you're feeling motivated, committing to a long-term gym membership can seem like such a good idea, but this doesn't always work out for the best. Here, we've highlighted some top tips to help keep your body and your finances in shape.



Do your research before visiting any gym you plan on joining and look for free trials, free sessions or free time. Any chance you have to try a gym without committing to a membership should help you avoid signing up to a costly payment plan you later regret.


For those who can't find the extra motivation needed to be a regular gym-goer, pay-as-you-go facilities are ideal. London has many options here, including Pure Gym and Easy Gym. Flexible memberships are great if you know you are only going to go once or twice. Also check out the possibility of attending the classes instead as this might be the extra motivation you need.



It can be easy to avoid reading the small print when you're feeling under pressure to sign a contract at the gym. Ensure your membership package includes a cancellation clause which is as easy as stopping your direct debit to end your contract.


London is host to many 'free gyms' which have been installed for public use across many of the capital's parks. If you're happy to strut your stuff in the public eye, you can really save yourself some serious cash in doing so, using the Our Parks system. 

With Instagram being the home of the fitness blogger, there are many who post home workout videos regularly. These can be great if you want to fit a workout around your busy schedule and spend a quick half hour working out at home.



Before committing to a monthly payment plan with your gym of choice, ask about off-peak price charges for weekdays, lunchtimes and weekends which could save you some money if you can be flexible with your time. These times usually have the added benefit of being much quieter, so you can be in and out without waiting around. 


How do you make your gym routine suit both your lifestyle and your bank balance? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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