5 tips to declutter your home this Spring

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5 April 2018 | Interiors

With spring now upon us, there's no better time to clear out your unwanted and unused possessions.

Make new space in your home with these 5 top tips for decluttering.


Clear the cupboards

One at a time, go through each cupboard across your kitchen and empty everything out, only putting back the things you will definitely use again, organising your stock as you go.

Manage your magazines

Look through your bookcase, coffee table, letter rack, sideboard, or any other nook in your home where you store piles of paper.

Remember - recycle as much as you possibly can.


Be ruthless

A good rule of thumb for any item in the house when you're trying to declutter is this: If you haven't used it since you put it there, it's time to get rid.

Revitalise your robes

Find a tidy storage hamper to pack away your winter wardrobe as spring rolls around, and organise your spring range by garment type, colour or occasion to make finding your ideal outfit a breeze.


Divert to digital

As the world continues to move towards streaming movies and music, consider selling or donating old unused DVDs or CDs to free up space.


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