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5 top tips for the perfect meditation session

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15 May 2018 | Lifestyle

Deep breaths; today is World Meditation Day and across the country people will be taking time out of their day to relax and reflect.

If you're looking to join them, here are 5 top tips for the perfect home meditation session.


Silence is bliss

Meditation music has become a popular way of unwinding, but if you’re looking to get the most out of your session then silence is often best.  

It’s much easier to concentrate on your breathing and focus on the way your mind is working when there is no music, no matter how ambient.


Morning meditation

There’s no perfect duration of a meditation session – it should take as long as you feel comfortable – but morning is generally considered the best time if you want to focus your mind.

Mornings are generally quieter, and your brain won’t be fatigued from work or other commitments.

All of which makes morning meditation a good way to set the tone for your day.


Set up a meditation retreat

Find a quiet spot in your home, remove any excess clutter, sit upright in a straight-backed chair and limit noise.

A humming light or other soft background noise will help you attain a restful state.

To enhance your mood, why not set up some fresh flowers or candles in your meditation space.


Get a buddy

Things are better with friends, and in the same way a gym partner can spot you, a meditation buddy can support you through your experience.

If you’re looking to get out of the house and meet like-minded people, there are various group meditations across the capital which can be found here. 


Reflect on your session

End your sessions by noting down your experiences in a meditation journal.

A journal will help you better understand how your mind works and what distracts you during each session.

A good place to start your journal is to simply ask yourself how you felt throughout your meditation.


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