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5 ways to be more productive at home

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28 June 2018 | Lifestyle

Your home is your castle, but as the household chores rack up and the to-do list gets longer, keeping on top of everything can feel unmanageable - especially after a long day.

Here are 5 simple ways which can help you be more productive at home.

Develop a routine

This may develop naturally over time but for a good starting place, draw up an initial plan of jobs you want to tackle each day.

A planned routine will give your day structure and make it easy to track your job list.

Your initial plan can always be your reference point should you find yourself bogged down with other things in your life.

Routinist and Productive- Habit Tracker are both popular mobile apps which can help you plan your day, all from the palm of your hand.


Start working within the hour

It’s often said that the first hour will shape the rest of your day, so take some time to plan what you need to do and then get working early doors.   

Start with the simple tasks first, as this will give you a sense of accomplishment before you work your way up to the bigger tests.


Take short breaks

Focusing on a single job for an extended period of time can be mentally draining, and before long your mind may start wandering far away from the task at hand.

A simple work/break balance will help address this problem, with even the shortest pit-stop helping to boost productivity.

Find a strategy that works for you, whether that’s a 25-minute burst and a 5-minute break, or a 50/10-minute split, these short breaks will help you refuel when tackling longer jobs.


Turn off push-notifications

If you have a smartphone, especially one with a lot of apps, you’ll know just how quickly you can be inundated with distracting notifications.

Various studies, including this one from Florida State University, have shown that push notifications do have an effect on your productivity.

Turning off your push notifications is fairly similar whether you’re on iOS or Android devices, simply head in to your settings tab and tap on the notification centre.

From there simply swipe either on or off against the list of your apps. This way you can still listen to your music while you work!


Tune in to a podcast

Podcasts are an easy way to absorb information without really doing anything, allowing you to learn about a new topic or stay entertained while you work.

The Daily Boost and Goal Digger are both popular motivational podcasts to help you through your tasks.

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out our picks for podcasts that can liven up your commute.


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