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5 ways to make your home a peaceful retreat

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20 June 2018 | Interiors

After a long day, most people yearn to unwind in the comfort of their own home, but with clutter building up and the constant distraction of gadgets it can be hard to switch off.

Here are five tips to help you create a peaceful home environment.


Cut down on clutter

They say a tidy house equals a tidy mind, and a thorough de-cluttering will instantly make your room appear more relaxing.

Take some time to decide exactly what you need in your room and if it doesn’t help your zen or isn’t practical, then it might be time to say goodbye.



The colour of your room will obviously have a major impact on its atmosphere. A combination of bright, warm colours may create striking walls but won’t help you unwind after a long day.

Try painting your room in cooler, pastel colours such as Baby Blue, Rowney Green and Soft Lavander for a relaxing vibe.   

For a soothing room, Dulux recommends a touch of blue and its Velvet Touch hue is a calming addition to any room.


Plant power

In addition to a lighter, cool colour palette, adding house plants into your home is a quick and easy way to help you relax indoors.

Not only will this visually enhance your room, as the green plant life contrasts against the walls, but can help purify the air in your room.

Asparagus Fern plants thrive in humid locations like your bathroom, while snake plants are among the best air-cleaning plants recommended by NASA.


Bathroom retreats

You don’t have to break the bank transforming your bathroom into a luxury spa to enjoy a relaxing environment.

Try to increase the amount of natural light in your bathroom. If your room is naturally dark, white surfaces and mirrors will help reflect light around the room, making it appear light and airy

Finally, add some fresh fragrance into the room by investing in scented candles.

This Ocean Breeze candle from Debenhams will add to your bathroom’s ambience and will help eliminate odours.   


Tech-free zones

Take a break from the gadgets and make your bedroom or spare room a tech free-zone.

Remove TVs, mobile phones, computer screens and instead concentrate on a good book or even meditation.

By banishing the artificial light from all these screens, it will help you have a full, relaxing night’s sleep.

For top tips on the perfect meditation session, check out our blog from earlier this year.


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