5 ways to transform your spare room

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24 July 2017 | Interiors

Has your spare room become a dumping ground for your unused household items?

Reclaim the space by taking advantage of one of these inspired ideas:


Enjoy more wardrobe space

Convert your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe with additional space to hang your clothes and shoes, which can double-up as a spacious personal fitting room.


Create a guest bedroom

By purchasing a sofa bed, you can prepare a comfortable extra bedroom for your guests which can be used as additional living space the rest of the time. 


Make a child's play room

Using over-sized toy chests and soft furniture, give your children a space all of their own to play in while encouraging them not to play in their bedroom at night.


Turn it into a home gym

By adding some impressive speakers for that all-important workout mix, create a mini-gym at home with a few pieces of fitness equipment.


Make space for your hobby

Whether you're into reading books, playing a muscial instrument or enjoy video games - tailor your spare room to meet the needs of your favourite pastime.


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