5 wooden furniture pieces to add a rustic touch to your home

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21 May 2018 | Location

Creating a vintage appearance in a modern home is an art form all of its own. Here, we take a look at how you can master the craft of incorporating rustic wooden furniture into your home.


Living room

From a simple freestanding floor lamp to a statement television unit, your living space is an ideal place to make your mark with a rustic wooden accessory.


Save space and look good doing it by incorporating a fitted wooden spice rack to your kitchen wall, like this example on Etsy.



A signature oak table makes for the perfect desk space for any professional looking to achieve a stylish environment in their home study.


Both elegant and old school, these wicker-lined boxes at John Lewis can bring a subtle touch of rustic to your interior scheme.



Whether it's a stylish fitted wardrobe, matching bedside tables or a classic, opulent dressing table, add a touch of rustic style to your bedroom to create a vintage throwback look.


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