All that glitters is not gold: How copper can work inside your home

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1 June 2016 | Interiors

Whether you choose shiny and smooth for a sleek, modern finish or warm and beaten to add a rustic edge, copper is a metal that can work in any home.

Once associated with grandma’s old saucepans, it is now enjoying a resurgence of popularity and has been touted as a trend that is here to stay by design experts worldwide. 

Here's our advice for bringing it into your interior scheme:

1. Accessorise - a flash of copper in well-chosen accessories goes a long way and can unify and add warmth to most schemes.

2. Contrast - Using copper with stormy blues and soft greys is bang on trend, or try it with white for a chic, modern look.

3. Less is more - so resist the temptation to go overboard. A few well-spaced copper items will lend warmth to a scheme, but match all your items and you run the risk of it looking a little try-hard.

4. Light it up - Copper lighting is key. Burnished or brushed metals look fantastic on light fittings and bounce light around the room beautifully, while creating a soft glow of their own.

The warm tone of the metal also softens an industrial, modern scheme and works particularly well against bare brick or rustic white walls. Try a factory-style copper light fitting hanging low over a dining table to add drama, or a simple lamp for the bedroom.

5. Texture - copper doesn’t have to be confined to metal accessories, so try picking out the colour and using it across different textures for contrast. One or two copper cushions on a sofa create a feeling of warmth, while a chair upholstered in the burnished tone is welcoming and sleek.