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Calm at Home

For many people some of the everyday stresses that they used to face such as commuting on busy trains or buses, or always being against the clock, may have disappeared but they’ve been replaced with new concerns as our way of life has changed over the last few months. Lockdown has brought its own worries, from health and wellbeing to separation from friends and loved ones.

There is a need for mindfulness and calm now more than ever. There has been a variety of options trending across social media since March, from home fitness, to baking challenges, decluttering your home to interior design, all with the intention of keeping us focused and occupied. However, it’s important to keep to healthy routines, make sure we feel safe and manage our feelings and behaviour for a healthy mind and lifestyle.

Create a calm space in your home can be a great starting point for this and we’ve put together a few tips below:


Keep de-cluttering

Nothing is more distracting than clutter, as it adds to a sense of chaos and disorganisation. Not only will decluttering make you feel better, but it is likely to give you more space for that home office, or space for that home workout you want to do. This may have been something you’ve already started during lockdown but making decluttering a regular habit means you can stay on top of it and keep organised. Discover our tips on the best way to declutter your home here.


Allocate a space for a little mess

Although it’s great to organise and throw out thing out that aren’t wanted or that are taking up lots of space, it’s not realistic to try and keep your home spotless 24/7. So, allocate a dedicated space to contain the clutter instead. Whether it is a basket where you can drop your scarves, bags, or shoes into, or a tray for your post, bills and keys - have somewhere you can contain your clutter, but with easy access for whenever you need it.


Have a ‘no-phone’ zone

We all use our phones for a variety of tasks, from messaging friends to checking the news, paying bills and scrolling through social media. We use our phone to stay in touch with everyone and everything, but constant access to the internet and social media can sometimes be a negative or stressful experience, especially with ever-changing news, events and comments from all over the world.

Everyone should try and take time out from technology. With constant notifications going off, it can add to feelings of stress or anxiety. Stress reduction coach Melissa Heisler recommends setting boundaries for when and where tech can be used at home. She says that “Constant notifications can keep you from sleeping. Take some time in the morning to wake up gently before you reach for your device and jump into the fray of the day.”

If you do wish to have your phone near you, try listening to calming podcasts instead of scrolling through social media. There are great podcasts for this, including Brene Brown or ‘Feel Better, Live More’ with Dr Rangan Chatterjee where you can forget about the world around you - in the comfort of your own home!


Embrace the power of music

It’s a well-documented fact that playing some relaxing music can help to create a calm environment. So why not create a playlist to enjoy whilst you’re carrying out your everyday routine. Whether you’re working, cooking, cleaning or just reading a book, having music on in the background is not only relaxing, but can be great company too. There are also plenty of helpful apps you can download to your smartphone that have a variety of music to choose from, such as Headspace and Calm.


Include plants, flowers, and candles

Fresh flowers or plants in your home will make you feel better. It doesn’t matter if the house is tidy or cluttered, they add a touch of beauty and they don’t have to be expensive. Even the process of changing the flowers weekly can become a calming ritual. Not only do plants and flowers look and smell good, they brighten any room you walk into. Studies have shown that plants increase mood and productivity, enhance concentration and memory, and reduce fatigue and stress.

The same is true of candles. Light a few candles and the room’s atmosphere will completely change. They can create a soothing scent in every corner of your home. They can help greatly in relaxing your mood and reducing anxiety.

However, you choose to relax in your home, mindfulness and calm techniques can go a long way to helping to deal with the everyday stresses that we face.



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