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Create a stylish child’s room

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2 November 2016 | Interiors

A child's bedroom is a space which should be filled with laughter, games and happy memories - if your home is your castle, then this is their tower. 

Here, we share our tips for creating a space which they will always remember.

Add pops of colour


Create a colourful room which isn’t overpowering by combining colourful features with neutral elements.

Neutrals add a sophisticated feel and will make a feature wall really stand out.

Choose a fun wallpaper like this one for your little cupcakes from ilovewallpaper, or create a softer look with these pink butterflies from B&Q.

Choosing a neutral base makes the room easier to update in the future, as your little one’s tastes mature and change.

Music to their ears

Create a musical theme and keep the look sophisticated by dropping musical features into a contemporary room design. 

Make a feature of a prized guitar by hanging it on the wall with a guitar hanger like these ones from Amazon.

Or have some favourite lyrics produced as a bespoke vinyl graphic – order yours from a website like Vinyl Impression.

Be brave with patterns


Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns - in this room, the strong red and white spots are bold and fun, while the patterned blinds give bedtime a calmer feel.

If you're creating your patterns with paint rather than wallpaper or fabrics, a great tip for a child’s room is to use durable paint which can be wiped clean if it suffers any ‘accidental’ damage.

Try Dulux Endurance Plus or, to keep the cost down, try an own brand like Wilko Durable

Collaborate and create

Refreshing a room is a great chance to collaborate with your child.

Start a Pinterest board where you can share ideas and see what works without even opening a tin of paint.

There are so many potential sources of inspiration on existing Pinterest boards - here’s one to get you started.

Start with a neutral base and build in the character with feature patterns and accessories. Have fun embellishing with quirky items like these lights from iwantoneofthose.


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