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We know it's still early to start talking about it - but Christmas is less than 3 months away.

So start getting organised now to save your hard-earned pennies and help make the cost of the festive season more manageable.

1. Spread the cost over your next 3 paychecks

One of the biggest worries many of us face at Christmas is budgeting for the festivities - which can lead to spending your entire December paycheck on presents.

Avoid this by not leaving it late - start buying your loved ones’ gifts over the coming weeks.

This will enable you to spread the cost - while also avoiding the inevitable struggle to find a suitable gift for someone when the big day is looming large.

2. Make a list, set a budget - and stick to it

Write a list of everyone who you will be buying a gift for, with a few ideas to get you started - and set your budget for each person.

Be ruthless with your plans - if you say you’re only going to spend a certain amount of money on any individual, set your budget and stick to the limits you have set.

3. Look out for flash sales

Flash sales, especially online, can really help to tighten the purse strings and allow you to get more for your money.

Most High Street retailers hold an autumn sale, so look out for signage and advertising in the weeks ahead.

4. Hunt for discount codes

Sign up to the online newsletters for your favourite brands - and those which your loved ones prefer! - to receive prior notifications of sales, as well as handy online discount codes.

For discount codes, also keep an eye on websites such as VoucherCodes, while cut price products, days out and more can be found via Groupon.

5. Make your own

We're not suggesting that you make everything, but it is a nice touch to supplement your shop-bought presents with home-made gifts. 

Make inexpensive teacup candles or repurpose an old, unused photo frame.

Gifts of food will need to be prepared nearer the time, but there are lots of easy options for good gifts - give your friends and relatives some home-made fudge or make some truffles.

You could even prepare your own pickles, jams and chutneys to create a festive hamper for a friend or loved one.


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