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Whether it's the hallmark of your hallway, a statement for your living room, or a bold bedroom design, a feature wall is an easy way to spruce up your interior scheme.

Here's our advice for creating a standout look for your wall.

1. Flower power


Floral prints are a timeless and versatile feature wall pattern.

For a classic, understated look, choose a wallpaper with a muted colour scheme, like this Superfresco Shadow Wallpaper in Ecru, available from Homebase, or this Lisette White Steel Floral Leaf wallpaper from Laura Ashley.

Alternatively, use florals to go bright and bold - try this Simone Seaspray Floral Wallpaper from Laura Ashley or this Crown Lola Wallpaper in Rustic Red, available from Homebase.

2. Be bold with prints

Your home is an extension of your style - so if you like to make a statement, express yourself with a loud feature wall.

Bold prints such as this Mini Moderns Pet Sounds Wallpaper in Harvest Orange from John Lewis will pack a punch, or try a quirky fruit print like this Pineapple Print Pewter Wallpaper from Laura Ashley.

Kids will love this Superstar Black & White Star Print Wallpaper from Graham & Brown.

3. Let it shine with metallics

Wallpaper with metallic embellishments will add a luxe feel to your feature wall.

Try a splash of silver with this Exotica White & Silver Wallpaper by fashion designer Julian McDonald or this Homebase Feature Wall Regency Damask Wallpaper.

For copper, try this Graham & Brown Gloriana wallpaper, or go for gold with this Fine Decor Beatrice Wallpaper.

4. A touch of luxury

Feature walls are all about opulance, so think luxury when choosing your scheme.

Textured wallpapers will create an instant feel of quality and are particularly striking in rich colours, like this Classics Regency Damask Wallpaper in Taupe.

5. Mimick brick

Wallpaper with a brick design can add an unexpected and classy twist to a room, and works particularly well in a dining room.

This design from Next is available in three shades, or for a slate effect, try this Superfresco Easy Grey Slate Brick design wallpaper, available from Debenhams.

For a white brick look, try this wallpaper from B&Q.


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