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Five home workouts to try this January

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18 January 2017 | Lifestyle

Don't want to start the new year by splashing out on a gym membership?

No sweat - instead, try pushing your body with these workouts which you can do in the comfort of your own home.


The reliable press-up is a cornerstone of most workout routines - watch this video from Built Lean explaining how to do the perfect press up.

You could mix things up by trying the diamond press-up, which puts more strain on the triceps, while a wide press up focuses more on the outward pectoral muscles.

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are effectively cycling without a bike.

By lying on the floor and moving your legs in a pedalling motion, you’re lifting and contracting the torso, working out them abs.

Here’s a video from Livestrong on how to ace this exercise.

Squat jumps

Squats have become the most popular way of toning your legs and, while the traditional squat is great, this variation will make you feel the burn in your quads.

Start by doing a regular squat and when you push yourself off the ground, jump up in to the air. Once you’ve landed, lower your back in to the squat position to complete one rep.

Livestrong have a handy guide on how to prepare and move with this exercise.

The Superman

Emulate the Man of Steel with this exercise.

Lie facedown with your chin on the ground, ankles touching and your toes pointing towards yourself. Then reach your arms straight above your shoulders and pull yourself a few inches off the ground.

This video from Livestrong will guide you through the basics on performing the Superman.

Men’s Fitness have listed 30 of their favourite back exercises to try, if you’re needing more inspiration.

Dumbbell exercises

In a bid to generate more muscle growth or help tone your body, there’s a good chance that you’ve bought a set of dumbbells.

If you’re finding bicep curls a little tedious, try out the Cuban Press, which strengthens the shoulders. have hundreds of dumbbell workouts which you can incorporate in to your routine.


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