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Get your garden ready for winter

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25 October 2016 | Lifestyle

Winter is on its way, so now is the time to safeguard your garden against the impending threat of cold temperatures, frost - and even the possibility of snow.

We spoke to landscape gardener Jim Cross, who gave us his tips on how to prepare your garden for winter.

Remember to aerate your lawn

It’s important to aerate your lawn throughout the year to keep it looking healthy.

By making small perforations in the soil with a fork, air, water and nutrients can be absorbed, which alleviates soil compaction.

With the added moisture in the air during winter, your lawn can absorb even more and become stronger.

Wrap up your plants

A greenhouse is the perfect place to store any vulnerable plants, but for those without one, there’s a good trick to keep your plants warm this winter.

Wrap up your plants in a winter fleece so that they don’t lose too much heat - otherwise they will struggle to survive.  

Make your repairs now

Be sure to make any repairs to your fencing or garden before December.

It’s important to keep the base of your fencing out of contact with moist grass to avoid any rotting.

Bring in all your outdoor furniture or make sure that it is well covered. With all the moisture in the air, metal can easily rust and padded chairs will be ruined.

Keep with the times

There are a variety of plants which flourish in the winter months and can make your garden look attractive.

Silver-leaf plants can endure winter’s wrath and help brighten up your garden.

Don’t neglect the bird feeder

It’s very important to keep your bird feed stocked throughout the season. Winter is a very difficult time for birds and wildlife, as food becomes scarce and plummeting temperatures take their toll.

Fresh mealworm and fat balls are favourites for robins and blue tits.


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