Healthy office snacks to get you through the day

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23 January 2018 | Lifestyle

To help guide you through the daily 9 to 5 office routine, we've picked out some of the best healthy nibbles to snack on:



Arguably the king of snacks, popcorn is a treat which can be enjoyed at any point throughout the working day.

Not just go-back-for-more tasty, popcorn is surprisingly nutritional compared to alternative savoury snacks, made with 100% whole grains and a source of fibre.


Sliced vegetable sticks

A quick and easy snack to prepare, slicing up carrots, peppers, cucumbers, celery and more will provide a healthy, colourful office snack.

For a pleasant twist, dip your sticks of assorted vegetables into a flavoursome pot of hummus.


Assorted nuts

Pack your snack-ready lunchbox with a different variety of nuts, for a balanced daytime set of treats.

Almonds for calcium and vitamin E, cashews for iron and protein, chestnuts for fibre and pecans for sweetness can all be added to create your own nutty granola.


Rice crackers

Flavoured rice crackers are a tasty, low-fat snack which aren't as dull as many think.

Rich in both carbohydrates and fibre, these savoury treats are difficult to put down once you've picked them up.


Dark chocolate

A surprising entry, the more cocoa the better when it comes to chocolate snacks for the office.

Often having less added sugar and fat than its milk counterparts, dark chocolate bars can be eaten whole, or added into other nutritional snacks such as yoghurts, nuts or fruit.


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