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How to create your Fairview New Homes homeowner Instagram account

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19 July 2020 | Lifestyle

Long gone are the days when we collected tear-outs from glossy interior design magazines for our home decor ideas or hoped to be invited to a dinner party only to have a sneak peek inside our neighbours and friends’ houses.

Today, there are millions of interior designer accounts that are filling up our Instagram feeds with the latest interior trends, home decor purchases and transformations. The platform is fast becoming a source of interior inspiration and a hub for new homeowners across the nation. There is a whole community of new build homeowner accounts documenting their home buying journey on the platform. From the moment they reserve their first home to the long-awaited move in day, these accounts are creating a strong and engaging hub on the platform. After all, buying your first home is an exciting milestone in life, and there is just something special about being able to share that journey with others.

Here we have put together a simple step by step guide on how you could create your very own Fairview New Homes homeowner Instagram account.


Choosing your username will be the first and also the most important task that you will need to do. It will define your account and what people will use to search for you. So, you want to make sure you pick the best possible name for your account.

  • Make it relevant: since it will be your home account, you don’t have to include your full name. Your username must define who you are. We recommend playing around with the name of your development or apartment/house number. The most important thing to remember is to make it relevant, so that similar accounts can find you. It is all about building a community.
  • Keep it simple and memorable: your username can include letters, numbers and symbols, but it doesn’t mean that you should include them. It’s best to keep your username simple and easy to remember. Your goal is to make it easy for other accounts to find you and remember you.
  • Make a list: if you’re struggling, write down a list of words that relate to your home. Once you have created a list, pick out your favourites and start plying them together.


Once you have created your username and logged in, it’s time to tell your audience what your Instagram account is all about. Your Instagram bio offers just 150 characters to tell your story.

  • First impression matters: in your bio, explain who you are and what you do to help you connect with other homeowners. It’s where you convey your personality and grab your audience’s attention. 
  • Add emojis: including emojis in your bio will make your profile look more visually engaging and playful. Be creative and try a combination of both - words and emojis. You can always use emojis as bullet points. But remember, they still need to be relevant to your account. 
  • Include hashtags: if you have a specific hashtag that you want to use to build a community around your content, then definitely include it in your bio. By giving your followers a way to share with you and your community using your hashtag, you will more likely create a growing and engaged community. 
  • No need for a full name: don’t worry if you don’t want to include your full name. It is very common for the homeowner accounts not to include their full name in their bio, but only stick to their first name or even skip it all together.


It is very important to pick your angle when it comes to posting content. But it’s also important to remember that your Instagram account can be anything you want it to be. It’s not just about posting 10 different shots of your dining room, it goes far beyond the idea of just interiors. There are many different homeowner accounts on Instagram, each with their own individual visual style and content. From furniture inspiration, colour schemes and indoor plants, to more niche interior tips, pets and even cooking, the content of the homeowner accounts is so diverse. Don’t worry about your content becoming too repetitive, it doesn’t have to be. Your posts can also be personal with stories about your lifestyle, hobbies and interests.

It’s easy to get carried away looking at highly edited, most instagrammable pictures of other accounts. It may feel that there’s a lot of pressure to maintain the glossy aesthetic of interiors, especially when you see all those great homeowner accounts featuring flamingo wallpapers and beautifully arranged hanging plant pots, but don’t worry about it. The power lies in the supportive community and the notion of making your space your own. While Instagram is a very aesthetic platform, it is also a space for collaboration and relationship building. So, don’t be afraid to tell the audience your story.


If you are ever struggling with inspiration for your Instagram feed, there are many ways that Instagram can help you to get your creative juices flowing again. After all, there are only so many shots of your living room that you can take. So be sure to start following inspirational accounts in the community.

  • Hashtags: a great way to start looking for similar accounts is to search using hashtags, such as #fairviewnewhomes; #fairviewapartment; #londonapartment #londonnewbuild #firsttimebuyer; #newbuild; #apartmentinspo.
  • #MyHouseThisMonth: is a worldwide photo challenge on Instagram with different monthly themes that prompts you to create different posts of your house and beyond each day. It opens up the opportunity to connect to inspirational accounts and stay ahead of the interior trends. It is also great if you ever get stuck on what to post next. 
  • It’s a two-way street: remember Instagram is a community and what you put in, you get back. Use the platform to regularly engage with others, whether it’s commenting or liking or just generally having a chat and sharing your knowledge, and experience. This is especially invaluable when moving into a new home. 
  • Fairview New Homes homeowners: check Fairview New Homes Instagram regularly to see if there are any new homeowners that have joined.
  • Pinterest: be sure to visit our Pinterest account to discover interior inspiration and Fairview homeowner community.

We recommend:

  • @thefrankiehome: this is a Fairview homeowner account. Her Instagram is filled with scandi-inspired interiors, featuring monochrome details and boho decor. Her account is a real source of inspiration, especially when it comes to apartment interiors and London living.
  • @suszi_saunders: featuring her apartment in London, Suszi is committed to create an environmentally friendly home that’s completely cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. From bold patterns, exposed brick walls to a handmade copper pipe radiator in her bathroom, this account is a must for anyone who is looking for ethical interior inspiration.
  • If you want to see what it really takes to renovate a house built in 1920 then definitely follow this account. Instead of featuring photogenic interiors, this Instagram account offers an eye-opening insight into property renovations and documents the progress of their 1920’s Liverpool home improvements from start to finish.


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