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Last month we wanted to get a little creative with your time and invited our followers to ‘Design Your Own Fairview New Homes Interior.’ Our competition was judged by Abbey Emmerson from Trend Designs who has spent some time collating her top interior design tips for you to follow if you want to be inspired and get creative again.

Designing Your Own Interior Mood Board
Abbey recommends getting started you should think about designing your own mood board. Mood boards are a great way to collect all your ideas before you start a new creative project and they can help to bring and save your inspiration into one place. If you’re a keen interior designer or want to try something new, check out Abbey’s simple steps below:

  1. Be Inspired – We are surrounded by a world of inspiration, so think about what inspires you! Perhaps a photograph that you’ve taken while on your travels? Could it be nature? Or a pattern or texture? Maybe it’s an image from a magazine, Pinterest, or Instagram?

  2. Be Collective – Collect all your inspirational images and put them together, either as a Pinterest board, on a pinboard or software such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, or InDesign. It might look completely random, but that doesn’t matter!

  3. Be Selective – Now decide what it is about these images that has drawn you in and start to narrow down your selection and streamline the design. Think about the colours and textures especially.

  4. Make a Shopping List – This is really a ‘wish list’ of everything you need in your design. Even if you don’t buy everything at once, at least you’ve incorporated it into the overall look and feel of the design. Think furniture, lighting, floors, walls, windows and accessories. You can even upcycle for what you already have at home!

So now you have your inspiration and your list, you can bring your ideas to life and create your design. This is YOUR design, YOUR space, and YOUR happy place. Make sure you have fun and enjoy designing it. Explore your options, do your research, and take your time to be inspired. Now you have the materials, themes and colours that inspire you most, you can implement them into your own home that easily.

  1. Extracting Your Colour Palette - You can now start to put together your own colour palette. You can even extract the colours and tones you like from your mood board. You don’t have to use all of them, maybe just 2-4. These can then be brought into a feature painted wall, accessories, cushions or artwork - but make sure to keep the upholstery quite neutral.

  2. Pinterest – Look on Pinterest to collate even more imagery and mood boards. Separate them out into colours, textures and patterns, furniture and accessories. Start thinking about what you like from what you have chosen to pull together a final design.

  3. Plan the Space - Make sure you plan the space and play around with different layouts. You don’t always have to be set on the first design, change things around until you find what is best for your final idea.

  4. Have Fun - This is your home, your haven, your safe space, so you need to feel happy with the decisions you make. Remember to be creative! Once you have had fun with designing your home, room, or whatever it may be, why not show it off on Pinterest? Create your own Pinterest or even Instagram account to show off your hard work and talent – we love to see it!

Fairview New Homes is on Pinterest, if you need a little inspiration with many of our showhomes designed by Abbey herself. Check it out here!



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