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Easy ways to keep fit without leaving your home

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29 April 2020 | Location

Whilst some of us may not hit the gym on a regular basis, go for a run after work, or cycle 50km over the weekend, before lockdown we were probably all more active and getting more exercise than we are now. A combination of being at home, with the temptation of a good film or box set, countless trips to the fridge and restriction of only being able to go outside once a day for a walk, run or cycle, means that staying fit has never been such a hot topic.

From family workouts with Joe Wicks to SAS training with reality TV stars to dance workouts with the stars of Strictly, there is so much on offer. We’ve found some of the easiest ways to stay fit from the comfort of your living room

Follow A Fitness Influencer

Alice Living, a columnist for Women’s Health and all-round health and wellness influencer, has social media channels full of digestible fitness content, from tasty recipes to an informative podcast to help change your life.

Chessie King is one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram at the moment with workouts aimed particularly at women of all ages and fitness levels. Chessie also uses her account for inspirational and body positive posts.

Joe Wicks was hugely popular before lockdown, but now the Body Coach has taken the country by storm with daily 30-minute workouts for adults and 5-minute workouts for kids on his YouTube channel tube. His workouts don’t need any equipment – so there’s no reason not to give it a go.

Bradley Simmonds is a fitness influencer based on London. At 25 he may be young, but he’s quickly gained the respect of the fitness world. His no nonsense approach pushes people of all ages and fitness levels to achieve great long-term results. He creates workout plans and shares fitness tips as a trainer.


Download a fitness app

There’s certainly no shortage of apps for you to try out. With guided workouts and many fitness programmes to follow, there’s something for everyone from yoga to HIIT workouts to Pilates and cardio workouts.

Fitbit Coach is a personalised training app with workouts led by professional, enthusiastic instructors, who guide you through each movement with clear instructions. Best of all you don’t need a fitbit device to use the app.

Nike Training Club – the app offers a personalised plan to guide you while adjusting to your progress, schedule and other activities. You have access to four 4-6-week plans. The app is currently providing regular workouts and nutrition advice and inviting everyone to become living room athletes.

Downdog – the top yoga app may be more appealing if you’re looking for something less intense. It allows you to select your time, level, focus and music – even the voice of your instructor, to create you a personalised yoga session every time. There are also HIIT, Barre and 7 minute workout apps available and they’re all free until May 1st, or until July 1st of you’re a healthcare professional.


Something different
Clean living - If none of this is for you, why not get active doing the household chores? Cleaning the windows or even the whole house or apartment will burn the calories, and if you turn the music up it won’t feel like exercise or a chore!

Work with what you’ve got – No weights? Tins of baked beans can be a great substitute. Use the stairs – either the stairs to your flat or the stairs in your house. Walking or running up a few flights each day will soon get your blood pumping.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you follow advice on warming up and stretching, take it at your own pace and above all – have fun!


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