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Moving home is an exciting experience - but it's also a big task.

Make moving easier by following our last minute tips before the big day.


Label for your life

Picture moving into your new home and every brown cardboard box looks exactly the same as the last - because you forgot to label them all.

Avoid this by making sure that every box you pack is correctly labelled with an indication of its contents and the room it's destined for.

Tell everyone who matters that you're moving...

You've told all of your friends and family about your impending house move - but don't forget to tell other important people.

Let the local council, your bank, and your gas, electricity and water providers know - and remember to take final readings on your moving day.


... and re-direct your post

There's bound to be someone you forget to give your new address to - so avoid any important post being sent to the wrong address by asking the Royal Mail to redirect your post.

For a small fee, you can have your post forwarded from your old address to your new one for either 3, 6 or 12 months.

Pack a moving day survival kit

The night before moving day, make sure you have packed a special box containing all the items you'll need to open first on the big day.

Included in the survival kit should be a kettle, your phone charger, scissors to open boxes, a portable radio, and of course... local takeaway menus!



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