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Make it through festival season

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24 June 2016 | Lifestyle

Festival season has arrived and, in typical British style, summer has got off to a rainy start - causing havoc for festival-goers excited for a weekend of outdoor fun.

Here are our top five tips for making your festival experience a success.

1. Bring extra everything

It might seem like a sensible idea at the time, but travelling light to a festival is to be avoided at all costs.

So bring everything to keep you going for duration of the event - water, underwear, cleansing wipes, hand sanitiser and bags of snacks are all essentials which you'll be relieved to have packed.

2. Budget for a tent which serves its purpose

It can be all too easy to buy the first tent you see which might prove to be cost-effective but can often lead to later problems.

Cheap pop-up tents can be lightweight and easy to assemble, but if they do not have the double skin of a better quality tent, they will leave you cold and wet for the  entire festival weekend, which will make for a thoroughly miserable experience.

3. Wear sensible shoes

It might sound obvious, but don't allow your inner fashion guru to overpower your sense of occasion.

Festivals in the UK are notorious for poor weather conditions, especially underfoot, so make sure to bring your most comfortable, weather-resistant pair of wellies for the weekend.

4. Preserve your phone's battery life

With the huge crowd numbers scattered across acres of muddy fields, and every tent looking the same, it's important to prevent your phone from dying during the festival so you can contact your group at all times.

One way to do this is to put your phone into flight mode while you're not using it, stopping the mobile's data from draining the battery.

Alternatively, no festival backpack is complete in 2016 without the inclusion of a portable phone charger stick, which can be a real life-saver when you want to post that obligatory festival selfie on Instagram and Facebook.

5. Carry a pocket-sized bag for all your essentials

While you will have brought a huge backpack for your weekend away, during the day you will want to have somewhere secure for your essentials.

A small, zip-up bag for your phone, wallet/purse, camera, water and snacks will allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the festival without having to worry about being pickpocketed or losing your belongings.


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