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Make the most out of your walk to work

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5 April 2017 | Lifestyle

This Friday (April 7th) marks National Walk to Work Day - so here are our top tips for making the most of commuting on foot.

Create a playlist

A good ol' boogie down the street to your favourite tunes will brighten up your morning and leave you in good spirits for when you get to work.

If you're in need of some new tunes, subscribe to a new playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, which also generate playlists to suit your music taste.


Plan a scenic route

There's plenty of great views to take in when walking to work in London - so plan out a scenic route to enjoy it.

Try using an app like walkit, which includes hundreds of walking routes and keeps track of interesting data like the number of steps you’ve taken and the amount of calories you've burned.


Plan your day

A brisk walk to work can help to shake off the mental cobwebs and give you time to think clearly.

It’s often said that you’re at your most alert and efficient in the morning - so get inspired by the world around you and take the time while you walk to plan your day ahead.

Reward yourself

Fancy a caffeine hit while you walk? Enjoying a tasty coffee on a spring morning in the fresh air is a real treat, and much better than trying to sip your drink on a cramped train.

Can't justify the cost of a daily takeaway coffee? Invest in a flask for cost-effective coffee on the move.


What do you enjoy about walking to work? Let us know on our Facebook page.



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