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Maximise space in your one-bedroom apartment

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3 March 2016 | Interiors

In a one-bedroom apartment, space is at a premium – here are our top tips for making the most of the room you have available:

1. Dual-use furniture

Choose clever, dual-use furniture to improve functionality. How about an ottoman with inbuilt storage for magazines or books? Or choose a daybed that can double up as a sofa – ideal for having guests to stay.

2. Make the most of mirrors

Trick the eye by using mirrors to bounce light around the room. It’s a time-tested way of leading your eye around the space and making the most of natural or artificial light.

3. Think vertically 

Make the most of all your wall space - take bookshelves and wardrobes right up to the ceiling to maximise storage and draw the eye right to the top of the room. Box away any junk left on top of a cupboard to ensure a stream-lined view.

4. Less is more

Don’t display all your belongings. It can be tempting to put everything of sentimental value out on display, but try to group your collections and allow space around them. Beautiful items will stand out more if there are fewer of them.

5. Neutral tones

Use neutral, even tones in both your décor and furniture. This has two purposes: to let your eye travel around the room without interruption, which makes a space feel bigger than it is, and to create a calming and peaceful environment you can relax in.

6. Designated zones

Create zones and maximise the functionality of each space. Think carefully about what you want from each zone. Is it for eating? For sleeping? For relaxing? Decide its function and then use subtle visual divisions to establish its use and separate each zone.

7. Hang curtains high

Hang your curtains about two inches from the ceiling to make the room feel taller. It’s a clever trick which draws the eye all the way up and down the fabric, giving your room instant Edwardian proportions. Extend the rod a few inches further outside the width of the window too to make it appear wider and let in lots more light.

8. Customise

Customise your furnishings to make your environment work for you. Use every sliver of space to create bespoke nooks and crannies to store your stuff. For example, if your sofa dominates the room and you’re running out of wall space, why not run a thin table behind it to display plants or carefully chosen accessories? Or how about using moulding in place of a bookcase, to store an entire library behind a door?


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