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From focal points to Feng Shui, the use of mirrors in your home can create light, effect and character; or they can just be a useful accessory.

But there are plenty of dos and don’ts surrounding the use of mirrors. Here’s our tips for using them to the best effect.

Don’t be afraid to go large

Large mirrors not only add space and depth to a room, they can be used to reflect artwork, chandeliers or just be handy when getting ready in the morning.

The smaller the room, the bigger the mirror, so don’t be afraid to use them to their full (length) potential.

If you’re looking to reflect your city style, try this Malory Mirror from Laura Ashley, or go classic with this ivory mirror from Not on the High Street.

Think about the angle

The point of having a mirror in a room is to reflect light, so think about the angle before you fix it. Make sure it’s reflecting light into a room, not out, and that the positioning won’t dazzle you when the sun is setting.

Free standing mirrors can be easily adjusted, like this one from Next which also has a hanging rail and storage.

Get creative

If wall space is at a premium, think about using furniture to prop up or affix your mirror to. Wardrobe doors and dressing tables can be used to their full potential by adding a full-length or stand-alone mirror.

Take a look at this classic dressing table mirror from Laura Ashley, or choose something alternative like this antique style standing mirror from Not on the High Street.

Add some glamour

We’re all familiar with the stunning photos of Hollywood stars looking into lightbulb lit mirrors - and they’re actually really useful, especially during the dark winter months.

Illuminate your room and your mirror with carefully positioned lighting which compliments your décor - try this one with built in lighting from Amazon.


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