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New food trends to try in London

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5 September 2017 | Location

London is a culinary hot spot and the perfect place for a brave new food idea to blossom.

So if you're seeking some foodie inspiration, check out these five new food trends appearing across the capital.


Rolled up Ice Cream

A culinary delight in Thailand, this South East Asian trend arrived in London last year and has since boomed in popularity thanks to various street stalls.

The ice cream mixture is instantly frozen on a -20⁰C metal plate and rolled up into thin spirals.

The rolls of ice cream are then combined with a variety of tasty ingredients guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Right now there’s only a handful of stalls, including Pan N Ice (based in Westfield, Stratford), but expect to see more pop up over the coming months.


Hawaii’s answer to sushi – poke is a versatile treat for Londoners looking for a healthy meal.

Poke is a bowl of raw fish, smothered in various marinades and eaten with rice, berries and vegetables.

The Aloha State dish has already made it in to Pret A Manger and since the turn of the year, poke bars have started popping up all over the capital.


Vegetable yoghurts

A trend which has been booming across the pond has started to hit the shelves in the UK - vegetable yoghurts.

At the start of the year, Waitrose began stocking its new range of blended yoghurts and has since received rave reviews online.

New flavours include an apple, carrot, beetroot and ginger blend, a carrot, mango and guarana yoghurt, and kiwi, avocado and matcha tea.


Taste of the South

Southern fried chicken has been available in London for decades, but other Louisiana-style dishes are fast becoming the UK’s hottest street food.

Po’ boys – a baguette stuffed with spiced chicken, prawns and coleslaw - and chargrilled oysters are firm favourites at Slingin’ Po Boys, based in Soho.


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