On-trend fashion tips for your pre-winter wardrobe

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11 October 2017 | Lifestyle

As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop a degree or two, we all need to dress for winter.

But wrapping up doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style for substance - here is our list of top tips to avoid a fashion faux pas.


Spare the layers

Instead of pulling on layer after layer of winter clothing, buy smart and choose a wind-resistant, thermal jacket which is lightweight and appreciative of your figure while still keeping the chill out.


Up here for thinking...

A lot of body heat is lost through your head, so it's important to keep this part of your body wrapped up.

This year's on-trend garment is the over-sized bobble hat - perfect as a unisex item of clothing.

...Down there for dancing

Keep your feet from slip sliding across the icy canvas of the great outdoors this winter by popping a pair of stylish boots in your shopping basket.

Make sure you buy a boot with an anti-slip grip on the sole, to keep you looking as cool as ice while you walk on with confidence.


Put your neck on the line

Accessorize your winter wardrobe with a new set of suave scarves fit for any occasion.

The tartan trend is set to continue this year - draped around your shoulders, a tartan scarf will accentuate any winter get up.

Nifty knitwear

Loose-fitting, chunky knit jumpers are set to be on everybody's wish list this season.

With every colour on the spectrum available to buy on the High Street, an over-sized sweater is a must-have for every co-ordinated winter outfit.


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