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Organise your packing for moving day

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5 May 2017 | Lifestyle

It's said that moving house is one of life's stressful events - but there are ways to keep it organised and simple.

Here, our tips will show how good preparation, timing, and structure can make packing a painless process.

Start early

Give yourself plenty of time to pack for moving home by buying all of the boxes and tape you'll need for the job as early as possible.

Think about the different types of belongings you'll be packing, and make a priority list to pack systematically.

Structure your packing

Packing heavy items in smaller boxes, keeping similar types of items together, and labelling your boxes by room are just some of the ways to structure the process - and make unpacking easier.

Work through room-by-room

Working from the top of the house downwards, pack your belongings one room at a time and tick them off the list as you go.

Once each room has been packed and cleared, you can close the door to help you feel like you're making progress.

The final box

Before leaving for your new home, pack a final box of essential items which you'll need on the first day of moving into your new home.

Along with those all important takeaway menus, remember to pack a kettle, a mug, and some biscuits!


What are your failsafe tips for packing?  Let us know on our Facebook page.



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