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Packing it all in - solutions for your summer suitcase

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8 June 2016 | Lifestyle

Preparing to jet set off into the sun this summer? Don’t panic over packing or forgetting your passport, our travel essentials guide is your one stop ticket to having your best holiday yet…

Separate the essentials

Find and file your all-important travel documents so they are hidden yet close to hand throughout your journey.

Passports, booking confirmation, travel insurance and currency can be kept together in a plastic wallet or hand-luggage compartment for convenience.

Style your suitcase


With an estimated 75% of all suitcases being black, it’s easy to see how the case carousel becomes a lottery of luck until you’re close enough to know for sure.

Opting for a brighter coloured suitcase helps you to easily identify your baggage and could stop others from mistakenly taking it off the belt.

Brighten up your existing cases couldn’t be easier too; simply tie a coloured ribbon, badge or band to the handles for a temporarily customised suitcase.

Roll, don’t fold

Maximise space, minimise creasing. Rolling your clothes is quickly becoming the worst-kept secret in travel thanks to its revolutionary results.

Roll smaller items inside beach towels or t-shirts, and keep crease-prone fabrics such as linen and light cottons to the outside to pack like a pro.

Plan your outfits

Avoid excess baggage charges with well-thought through outfits. Laying out your options before your commit them to your case helps you to match separates and avoid unwearable pieces.

Outfit planning also helps you to visualise the combinations of clothes you are taking, which will help you pack more realistically so you only take what you need.

Trap your toiletries

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find your shampoo has spilt in your case.

Prevent leaks by securing toiletries, sun creams and other liquids in a washbag, plastic carrier or sandwich bag.

Taking up too much space? Try travel sized options of your favourite toiletries to save on space and weight.

Best foot forward

Whether you’re heading to the beach, relaxing beside the pool, exploring the local town or heading out on an excursion, you’ll need appropriate footwear for the occasion.

Get smart when you’re packing and consider wearing your heaviest shoes while you travel, where possible - it will save you both space and weight in your suitcase.

Remember to fit flip-flops inside each other, slot them down the side of your case and make the most of space inside shoes, filling them with socks or jewellery.


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