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Save on booking your summer holidays

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31 March 2017 | Money Matters

Spring is here - and the arrival of the sun has prompted many to start looking at booking a summer getaway.

Here are our five top tips for saving money when booking a holiday.

Start booking now

It’s no secret that flights and hotels at popular tourist destinations fill up fast - and as the demand for rooms and plane tickets increases, so does the price. 

Keep the price down by getting in early - take a look at Sky Scanner, which is a great tool for monitoring cheap flights.


Use price comparison websites

Get the best prices on hotels, flights, car hire and holiday insurance by making use of the many price comparison websites now in operation.

Sites such as Kayak and Travel Supermarket search for the best deals on flights and car hire, while Trivago could save you money on hotel bookings.


Mix and match

People tend to fly out and return with the same airline - but two single flights could be cheaper than a return.

So consider flying home with a rival airline, and you could make savings.

If you're taking public transport to the airport, it may also be worth considering flying home from a different airport to keep costs down.


Keep an eye on Tuesday afternoon

You can save a lot of money on flights if you are able to travel midweek - This is Money found that it was 11.5% cheaper to fly on a Tuesday, compared to flying on a Saturday.

According to Sky Scanner, Tuesday is also the best day to book your flights - as airlines will slash their fares for the weekend if they haven’t sold enough seats.


Avoid frills when flying

The cost of added extras on your flight, such as choosing your own seat, can all add up - so adopt a no-frills approach to flying to cut the cost.

If you get through to boarding early enough, there’s a good chance that you’ll find the seat you wanted anyway.




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