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Shine on! 5 ways to light up your home

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17 October 2017 | Interiors

With the days getting shorter, the lack of natural light can leave your room - and your mood - feeling rather glum.

Banish the dark from your home with these top tips for introducing clever lighting.



Receive the Hollywood treatment every time you come home with your very own spotlights.

As LED lightbulbs can now run for thousands of hours without failing, spotlights have become a practical way to light up a room.

This stylish 5-light spotlight from Wayfair looks great in modern kitchens or large, open-plan spaces.

Or if you’re looking for a practical focal point for your room, try this giant floor spotlight from Dwell.



Lamps are an easy and quick way to give a dark room a bright lift.

Dark walls will absorb more light, so if your colour scheme is dark then try placing a lamp in the corner of the room to evenly distribute light and eliminate shadows.

A larger lamp shade can help create a soft radiance compared to the harsh light emitted by an exposed bulb.

This Decoro table lamp is a striking contrast for a bedroom with a neutral colour scheme, while this table lamp from Habitat will help brighten up darker rooms.



Light needn’t be restricted to just lamps and bulbs.

An electric fireplace will emit a warm glow around the room, as will a few candles (just be careful to stay safe).

Strings of fairy lights are another way to add subtle lighting, and if your space struggles for natural light, try hanging a mirror on one of your walls.


Under cabinet lights

Under cabinet lights can transform your kitchen from simple to striking by introducing another layer of lighting and adding ambience to the room.

Select a colour which complements the current lighting - for a warm, golden glow try this 24W LED light from Lighting Ever.  

For task lighting – like reading recipes – opt for a brighter bulb, like this cool white light from the Lighting Superstore.


Outdoor lights

With so much focus on finding the perfect lighting for your home, the garden often gets neglected.

Accent lights can be a good way of highlighting specific features in your garden, such as small trees, decking or flowerbeds.

These stylish pathway lights from Wayfair are durable and use solar energy to give the lamp a natural glow.


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