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Simple savings to help boost your deposit fund

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14 April 2017 | Money Matters

Looking for ways to boost that all important deposit fund for your first home?

Here are our top tips for increasing your savings pot by making a few small daily changes.


Make your own lunch

It can be easy to slip into the habit of popping out at lunch to get some fresh air and finding yourself buying a pre-packed supermarket meal deal for ease.

Buying your lunch items in advance and preparing them at home takes a bit of time and preparation - but you'd be surprised how much it could save you in the long-run.

Potential saving: £77.34 a month (based on average price of a lunchtime meal deal at top three UK supermarkets).

Morning coffee

When you're in need of that morning caffeine fix, resist the temptation to stop off at your local barista and head into the office before making that first cup.

Potential saving: £59.34 a month (based on average price for a medium cappuccino or latte at top three UK coffee shops).


Walking/Public transport

If you drive, consider swapping the car for walking or using public transport for some journeys. The spring weather will make the walk pleasant, and you'll save on fuel costs.

Potential saving: £1.20 per litre = £66 per tank (based on average UK medium-sized car at £1.20 per litre).

Wash your own car

Rather than paying the UK average £12 for your car to be washed, cut the cost and do it yourself. You will need to buy a bucket, sponge and cleaning products - but that upfront investment will soon pay for itself within a few washes.

Potential saving: £86 a year (based on a car being washed every six weeks at £10 per wash).


What small savings do you find make a big difference? Let us know on the Facebook page by using #ItsTimeToMoveOutWhen



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