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Top 5 flowers to plant this summer

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20 July 2017 | Lifestyle

There are few things more enjoyable in the summer than sitting in your garden taking in the sights and smells of your fresh flower beds.

Landscape gardener Jim Cross offers his top suggestions for which plants you should be bedding in this year:



Pelargonium, more commonly known as geranium, is by far the most dependable plant to use in any garden.

The handsome foliage is pleasing in its own right, and also makes a great foil for more elaborate flowers.



Also known as the African Daisy, osteospermums look beautiful in the summer months when the petals spread out to create an almost-flat face.



An evergreen shrub or small tree, the oleander produces quaint collections of pink-shaded petals.

Be wary though, pretty as it looks in the garden, oleander is toxic in all its parts if accidentally digested.



Originally from South America, the petunia plant is a British favourite which provides waves of freshness and colour to any garden.



A traditional bulb plant, ornithogalum blooms between July and September and offers lovely star-shaped white flowers.


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