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It's a storecupboard staple - so for an easy meal which is twice as nice, here's five recipes to try with rice.

Squash and sausage risotto

Risotto is known and loved for its creamy texture. Try this recipe from Jamie Oliver - the sausage helps to create a delicious flavour and the squash contains lots of vitamins to make it both healthy and delicious.


This Spanish classic will bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your dinner table, and it’s actually quite simple to make.

Traditionally served with seafood, this classic recipe from Delia Smith will get your taste buds tingling.

Chicken and chorizo jambalaya

Originating from Louisiana, Jambalaya is a modern classic renowned for its Cajun flavours straight from America’s Deep South.

This chicken and chorizo recipe from BBC Good Food is full of spice and flavour.

Wild mushroom arancini with mozzarella

If you find yourself with some leftover risotto rice, don't throw it away - use it to make arancini.

The crisp coating, soft texture of the rice and the warm mozzarella combine to make the perfect comfort food - make yours by following this Food Network recipe.

Brown rice and bean burrito

This brown rice and bean burrito from the Food Network is a great vegetarian option for rice lovers.

The mix of melted cheddar, avocado and lime juice creates a flavoursome filling and also helps to keep the burrito together.


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