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Top 5 tips to save money at home this winter

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15 November 2017 | Money Matters

Don’t be left out in the cold when it comes to hot savings on your household bills this winter.

Here are our top tips to help keep your bank balance brimming.


Protect your pipes

Before you crank up the thermostat and sink into the warmth of your home comforts, remember to locate your stopcock to ensure any mishaps can be cut short.

If your pipes freeze in the cold winter months, a surge of hot water could cause them to burst – so make sure you know where to go to stop the water before a flood ensues.


Supplier switch-up

Winter is a great time to look into your household finances, as you may find you’ll be in credit following the warmer summer months and the energy you’ve saved during this time.

Consider switching your energy supplier and reap the rewards not only of an instant financial saving this winter, but a nice lump sum in the form of a credit cheque from your previous provider.


Direct debit deals

A quick-win for anyone looking to save money on their household bills, paying your energy supplier via direct debit will help to balance the books in no time.

Taking this route will enable you to even out your payments over the course of the year based on the average count of your respective meter readings.


Intelligent insurance

Don’t get caught cold by failing to correctly insure your home this winter. Boiler insurance and regular boiler checks are paramount to keeping your home warm all year round, and to ensure you aren’t met with a chilling bill if anything goes wrong.

Shop around using online searches to look for the best deals on insurance, and to make sure you aren’t paying twice for something that is covered on another insurance policy you may already have.


Celsius control

If your household includes some people who prefer a cooler climate, and others who treat their home as if it were Barbados for 365 days of the year, it’s important to compromise to meet both of your wishes.

Instead of blasting the temperature up for a short period each morning or evening, keeping a constant level of heat throughout your home for just a few degrees lower on the thermostat dial could help save plenty of pounds each winter.


What are your top tips for saving money this winter? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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