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Top five tips to help keep your home secure

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12 October 2016 | Lifestyle

Your home is your castle - and while it might not have a drawbridge and moat to keep out intruders, there are easy ways to keep it safe and secure.

To mark National Home Security Month, which runs throughout October, here are our top tips to boost your home security.

Put your lights on a timer

Set a timer to switch on the lights during the evening to make it appear that someone is at home.

They are a simple, cheap and easy solution for when you're heading out for the evening or going away for a few days.

Argos stocks a triple pack of seven-day electronic timers which will do the trick.

Keep valuables out of sight

Burglars will often target open windows - so keep your ground floor windows closed when you are not in the room.

Keep car and house keys out of sight, taking them upstairs with you at night, and don't leave electronics and valuables in plain sight.

It's also wise to avoid leaving cash on display.

Invest in a safe

Go a step further by keeping jewellery and other small valuables in a hidden safe.

An electronic combination lock is the best option - try this safe from Argos, which is certified by Yale.

Install an alarm

Figures compiled for National Home Security Month show that up to 84% of burglars avoid homes with alarms, while 60% of attempted burglaries carried out at properties with alarms fitted are unsuccessful.

Protect your home with this Yale wireless alarm kit, which is available from Screwfix for £150. 

Be careful with social media

It may sound overly cautious, but remember that when you're checking in at the airport on Facebook and posting holiday snaps on Instagram, you're advertising the fact that you are not home.

Keep your social media accounts set to private (or limit the public visibility of your holiday posts) to make sure that there is no need to worry while you're away.


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