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Top tips for grabbing a summer holiday bargain

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31 August 2017 | Location

Think you've left it too late to land a bargain holiday this summer? Well, think again, and read our guide to seeking out the hottest deals under the sun.


Don’t book direct

Booking flights direct with your favourite airline might be the easiest way to buy tickets but it’s rarely the cheapest.

Use price comparison websites to seek out the best deals and avoid paying over the odds.


Book late

It is often said that you need to book flights early in order to bag a bargain.

Not so - leaving it late means you are more likely to grab a cheap deal from airlines desperate to fill any empty seats.

Be flexible

Flying at weekends tends to be more expensive so, if you can, why not travel during the week instead?

Equally, tickets are cheaper if you fly late at night rather than in the middle of the day.


Don’t follow the crowds

If you decide to holiday in this year’s 'must visit' destination, the chances are you will be paying handsomely for the privilege.

By contrast, opting for a similar but less fashionable destination can net you a bargain.

Uncover 'secret' hotels

Cut price deals are available for 'secret' hotel rooms on various booking sites, including lastminute.comHotwire and Priceline.

You are only told a star level and a rough location before you book, so it’s ideal for bargain hunters who are not desperate to stay at a particular hotel. 


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