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Top tips for spring cleaning your home

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28 March 2016 | Lifestyle

The clocks have just gone forward, so there’s no time like the present for a good spring clean. 

When it comes to spring cleaning, the beauty is in the detail – so here are five top tips:

1. Do more with your fruit

Citrus fruits aren’t just useful as a garnish or in a cake – they also have excellent cleaning powers. Slicing lemons into halves and baking them in your microwave and oven can not only help to soften stubborn grime, they also provide a strong, natural citrus scent throughout your home – a very fruitful experience indeed.

2. Be loving to your living room 
Spruce up your lounge area with a scented carpet cleaner. First, removing all rugs, throws, pillows and sofa cushions and air them out. While the room is empty, use scented floor/carpet cleaner and leave it for a few moments before hoovering it up. This will help give a lift to rooms which have been warm and stuffy throughout the winter months.

3. Bring spring indoors 

Potted plants can brighten up any room in the home at this time of year, so place bunches of your favourite flowers throughout your home – daffodils are a firm spring favourite, and pansies or chrysanthemums are blooming soon. This is an easy way to bring the sights and smells of spring indoors.

4. Clean your cleaners 

An impressive 99.9% of bacteria strains are killed by bleach, so soak your sponges and dish cloths in a mix of ¾ cup of bleach to one gallon of water for five minutes, before returning to clean the rest of your worktops, floors and tiles.

5. Condense your cupboards 
Whether it’s uneaten food in the fridge, too many toiletries in the bathroom, or outdated clothes in the wardrobe, this time of year is perfect for tossing out all of the unwanted items in the home. A good spring clean brings plenty of benefits, as it will create extra living space and help to revitalise every room in the process.


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