Land Acquisition

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Land Acquisition

Substantial funds immediately available for residential development sites in London and the South East of England.

All sites will be considered, both brownfield and greenfield, with or without planning permission. We are committed to working with vendors to shape a deal that is right for each site.

If you are considering selling your land, contact one of our Main Board Land Directors to get a detailed evaluation of its potential. We make decisions quickly.

Please contact Rhys Davies

Building new homes since 1961

For over 60 years, we have been a prolific builder of new homes in London and the home counties.

Having carefully created developments in idyllic villages to delivering huge regeneration projects involving hundreds of apartments, our experience of home building is second to none. Given it is estimated that over five million new homes will be needed in the next 20 years, we’re needed more than ever.

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Reclaiming the land

Considering the sheer number of new homes that are needed in the UK, whilst at the same time considering how limited land available for building is, we believe the reclamation of brownfield sites is crucial. It’s why transforming brownfield sites into vibrant neighbourhoods is one of our biggest priorities. Indeed, we’ve already helped reclaim more than 200 sites in the last 25 years alone, converting unsightly and potentially hazardous sites into exceptional living environments.

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Future land acquisition

As part of our ongoing land acquisition plan, we aim to acquire sites that are deemed suitable for between 50–1,000 homes on brownfield (and sometimes greenfield) land. In each instance, we are looking for an end sale price of between £350-£850 per square foot. Our wide-ranging experience means we’re able to consider sites with or without planning permission; we will always work with the landowner to ultimately shape a deal that is right for them.

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Contact us

Email: Rhys Davies
Telephone: 020 8023 7092

50 Lancaster Road