Moving into a brand-new property is exciting. You’re the first person to make the place your home. But of course, because it’s a new property, the area around your particular property might still be being developed and therefore there may still be some construction going on.

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 Though any ongoing work may not last much longer, while it is taking place, we’re keen to make sure all our new homeowners stay safe and are aware of any risks there might be. So, please do consider the following potential hazards:

  •  ACCESS/EGRESS: Throughout the day when work is going on, the entrance and site roads may be used by site and delivery vehicles. So, keep an eye on road conditions and look out for slow-moving vehicles

  •  HARD HAT AREAS: Any areas that are under active construction will be designated “hard hat” areas. This means any personnel viewing new developments should be accompanied and be provided with safety helmets.

  •  PATHS & WALKWAYS: Any surfaces that are intended to be used as walkways will be prepared accordingly. But where there is ongoing construction, beware of any debris, uneven floors, or slippery surfaces.

  •  CHILDREN: Though the temptation for children to use construction sites as a playground is understood, it is extremely dangerous whether the site is active or not. Please be sure to keep any children away from areas of construction.

  •  PARKING: As there will be various work traffic coming and going while construction is underway, you should make sure your vehicles are parked in the car parks provided and not on any of the roads being used.

  •  WARNING SIGNS: All hazards are highlighted by various safety warning signs, even if the hazard is only temporary. So be sure to keep an eye out for any new signage.

  •  FIRST AID: Rest assured that if there is a problem, all Fairview sites have qualified first aiders present during normal construction working hours. In addition, all sales offices are equipped with a first aid kit.