Buddy Up Skydive

Whats more exciting: Winning £25,000? Buying a house with a friend? Going skydiving? How about all three?

We are running a competition offering two lucky people looking to make the jump into homeownership, the chance to win £25,000 off a Fairview home* just for doing a skydive together. 

This exciting competition is to raise awareness around the growing trend on buying with a friend, and to help two lucky first-time buyers make the property ladder dream a reality.

The competition will be open for entry until Monday 19th August, and those interested apply by filling in their details below. (Terms and Conditions apply.*)


First-time buyer nurse Dani, who bought with her friend and University Fashion Technician, Demonstrator, Danielle. Dani hopes to inspire others to purchase a home with a friend, if doing it alone isn’t possible: “If you cannot afford a property you love and have a very close and reliable friend, buy with them so you can both get you out of the renting cycle!”

TH DOCK28 01

Seeking an escape from London’s increasingly unstable rental market, friends Jack and Gemma, who had previously been renting together in the Royal Docks, joined forces to get on the property ladder. “We knew we wanted to get out of renting after our landlord kept increasing the rent. We’ve rented together for five years and decided that it was the right move for both of us. Realising that we couldn’t buy in London on a single salary, we decided to buy together.”

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*Buyers do not have to be first-time buyers to benefit from the scheme, however, they cannot own a property elsewhere.
Buyers do not have to solely be friends, they can be related, however, this incentive is not available to buyers and a parent or guardian.
Up to £25,000 will be given as a deposit top up, is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer and is plot-dependent.
Offer must be redeemed within 6 months or will not be valid
Entrants must be 18 or over and the successful applicants must pass affordability checks and be eligible for a mortgage before proceeding.
Successful applicants must be willing to be subject to a Case Study