• Elmsleigh Road, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4PH

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Welcome to Rivertown, our exciting new development of 1 & 2 bedroom apartments in the picturesque town of Staines-upon-Thames. Inspired by the beautiful river that graces this charming town, Rivertown captures the essence of a community where the river seamlessly merges with the town's vibrant life. As the Thames flows gracefully through this scenic landscape, Rivertown offers an opportunity to be part of a place where the river meets the town, symbolising the perfect harmony of natural beauty and urban convenience.

Just a short 10 minute walk from Staines-upon-Thames train station, residents can bask in the outstanding countryside surroundings while enjoying swift access to London, a mere 35 minutes away by train. With easy connectivity to London Heathrow Airport in just 10 minutes by car, this location is a commuter's dream. Stroll down the high street and discover a plethora of shopping options, from fashionable boutiques to home furnishing stores, and relish in the cinematic experience of the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Rivertown is your invitation to experience the best of both worlds, where the river meets the town, creating a unique and harmonious lifestyle.


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Nestled gracefully along the banks of the River Thames, Staines-upon-Thames is a captivating destination that seamlessly marries the natural beauty of its riverfront with the vibrancy of a modern town. Here, you'll have the pleasure of enjoying leisurely riverside walks, picnics in lush green spaces, and a thriving community atmosphere. With superb rail connections to London, just a short 35-minute train ride away, and swift access to London Heathrow Airport in a mere 10-minute drive, the town serves as an ideal hub for both commuters and jet-setters. Staines-upon-Thames boasts a dynamic high street adorned with a cornucopia of boutique shops, diverse dining options, and an exciting cinematic experience with the latest Hollywood blockbusters. This charming town presents a unique destination where the river's tranquility meets the town's energy, promising an array of delights for residents and visitors alike.