01 November 2023 ·

Unlocking Homeownership: How Fairview can help you onto the property ladder


Owning a home is more than just a financial milestone; it's a dream for many. At Fairview, we've made it our mission to turn this dream into a tangible reality. Through a series of buying schemes, we've been able to open doors and pave the way for first-time buyers to step onto the property ladder.

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Save to Buy

For many, the hurdle to homeownership often starts with the challenge of saving for a substantial deposit. Our 'Save to Buy' scheme flips the script, allowing renters to seamlessly transition their monthly rent payments into a deposit for their future home. With just a 1% deposit required, this initiative has been instrumental in breaking the cycle of renting without building equity.

Find out more about how Eleonora and Stan purchased a one-bedroom apartment at Epping Gate, Loughton using this innovative scheme.

Watch Eleonora & Stan's Story
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Buddy Up

Have you thought of buying with a friend? We’re aware, from a recent national survey, that over two thirds (70%) of first-time buyers are not ready or able to buy on their own and over half (54%) want to buy their first home with a partner one day. We’re advocating for all independent and/or single people who are just as entitled to home ownership.

Find out more about Buddy Up
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Deposit Top Up

The 'Deposit Top Up' initiative has been a game-changer for many prospective buyers. By boosting deposits by up to 5%, we've enabled access to more favourable mortgage rates, empowering individuals who might have previously struggled to meet higher deposit requirements.

Brentwood Acres purchasers, Maya and Charlie, utilised Deposit Top Up, enabling them to put down a 15% deposit on their apartment.

Read Maya & Charlie's Story

Deposit Unlock

Whether you're a first-time buyer or an existing homeowner, this scheme allows you to own a brand-new home with just a 5% deposit (subject to criteria). It broadens the horizons for many, making homeownership an achievable goal.

Epping Gate purchaser, Junakie, was able to buy her apartment a year sooner than she thought.

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