Gokal Darshan

Varsity@Pulse, Colindale

I love the area and the location, what with the homes being right next to the tube station.

There’s plenty of open space around Colindale, it’s got a village feel to it, and it’s nice the experience and live in a new part of London - a different type of London. Equally, it’s great that if I want to go into central London, it’s only a few stops away.

Ranjeewa Fonseka and Dishna Mudalige

Affinity, Royston

We were looking for a bigger house in London at first, as I work in the information technology sector in the City, but we found we could get more house for our money outside of the capital.

I looked at the Help to Buy website and read about Affinity, so we thought we would go and take a look, and liked what we saw.

Sally Morris and Luke Stevens

Bridleways, Hainault

We thought that we’d need to keep saving for our deposit for a while yet, and we also assumed that in order to buy, we’d probably have to leave the Hainault area, which would have been a shame as we’ve both grown up there.

But Help to Buy meant that we could afford to buy our own home and stay in Hainault, which was perfect.

We went along the the Help to Buy event at Bridleways and really liked the development and the homes. It is in a great location, close to where we live at the moment.

Stuart and Emma Hunter

Affinity, Royston

We wanted to live in Royston and our preference was always a new build, so we kept an eye on developments which were coming up.

We waited for work to start at Affinity as we wanted to find the right house, and the townhouse which we chose was just what we were looking for.

It felt like home as soon as we moved in.

Glenn and Joanne Gardiner

The Village, Buntingford

A friend of ours had just moved to Buntingford and recommended that we had a look at homes there. We wanted a home in a quiet, family-friendly community, and The Village ticked every box for us. 

We’re both so excited to be starting a family in our new home.